bullet The Closest Spaces You Can Reserve

Effective July 1st he DDS lot is now OPEN to the public. Please note spaces in the 300's and 400's are appropriate for longer vehicles. Spaces noted with an H are for those with a handicap placard. Spaces 420e and 421e are for electric vehicles and have charging stations. The DYS, BSA and LCMH lots and all season reserved RV parking is sold out. No single game car parking sold/reserved in advance. 

bullet RV Parking - Friday through Sunday

Contact BoyScoutsTroop282@gmail.com We are taking RV reservations for Ducks vs. Idaho (8/31), Boise State (9/7) & Michigan State (10/5).  Sorry, we are booked for Ohio State and last three home games are weather dependent because our single weekend RV spaces are on grass.

bullet Game Day Parking -
   GATES OPEN 6hrs prior to kickoff

We have 100 game day spaces on the DYS lot and a few curb jump spaces on the BSA lot. We have approximately 200 game day spaces on the LCMH lot and 20 spaces on the DDS lot. Lots are usually sold out  2-3 hours prior to game time. 

Duck Football Season Parking

The proceeds from your parking payment are shared among the many organizations that participate in the service. You are directly affecting the community as these funds are used by Lane County Mental Health, The Department of Youth Services, The Department of Developmental Disabilities, Oregon Trail Council Boy Scouts of America and Scouts BSA units to develop the many programs they offer to the community.

Single Game Parking Passes

Can I purchase a single game parking pass?

Single game parking passes are sold first come, first served on game days beginning when the lots open, 6 hours prior to announced game time. Lots are sold out approximately 2 hours before kick-off.

Please note there are no single game reserved ticket sales. 

What can I take into the stadium

Fans are allowed to bring in reasonable amounts of food, plastic containers of beverages (sealed from the store), etc. as long as it fits in their CLEAR BAG. Plastic water bottles are allowed if they are empty. Click this link to read "Letter to Oregon Fans On Updated Home Events Protocols"