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Parking with the Scouts is a unique opportunity for you to help the young men and women work on their leadership and communication skills as they interact with you. The Scouts get an opportunity to work in different areas during this event and meet the diverse people our community offers. If you are fortunate to park with us over the seasons you will get to witness the boys and girls mature into young men and women that often go on to college and become role models in the community. For many of these youth, working at the Duck Parking lot is their first job where they had to show up on time to work, wear a uniform, and interact with the public. (Of course, Adult Scouting volunteers will be there assisting them.) We appreciate you supporting this opportunity.

Some of the Scouting activities that the Scout units participate in include:

Water and Snow Skiing
Rock Climbing
Snow Shoeing
Summer camps

And High Adventure Camps including Sea Base, Northern Tier, Philmont and The Summit in West Virginia. 

All the while picking up leadership skills and experiences that provide a foundation for life long success.