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Rules & Regulations

Please note the following rules related to alcohol consumption enacted in 2007 in accordance with Eugene City Council amendments to Eugene Code section 4.190:

1. It is illegal to consume alcoholic liquor or possess an open alcoholic beverage container in a public place or on private property extended to the public for use;

2. An exemption is provided for the consumption of alcoholic beverages on this property during the time period commencing four hours before the start of a scheduled collegiate football game at Autzen Stadium and ending when the game is completed;

3. The exemption applies only to the parking area on this property;

4. Providing alcohol to minors and consumption of alcohol by minors is prohibited;

5. The sale of alcohol is prohibited;

6. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated;

7. Persons violating the law or creating a nuisance are subject to eviction and loss of parking privileges pursuant to the authority of parking lot operator.


· Beer kegs are not allowed.;

· Providing alcohol to minors and consumption of alcohol by minors is prohibited.



· Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and may result in eviction from lot and loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the season or permanently, with no refund of parking fees. We will not hesitate to contact the police to assist us with these situations.

· Parking patrons who encounter inappropriate or unsafe behavior should notify parking lot personnel of the situation as soon as possible.

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The Scouts strive to provide the best parking program available for Oregon Duck football games. In order to provide a quality program, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and to keep it safe for everyone; we ask that you please observe the following rules and conditions for parking in Scout managed lots. Failure to abide by these rules may result in revocation of privileges, vehicle being cited / towed or criminal prosecution. Parking is a smoke free zone as noted in the Eugene City Code section 6.225 to 6.240- Smoking is prohibited in all public places and all places of employment within the city.


· Prior to arriving, check your assigned parking lot and plan your travel route, as streets are strictly controlled on game days.

· Vehicles will NOT be allowed to enter any parking lots until the lots officially open, 6 hours prior to kick off (but will not open earlier than 7am). The lot opening times will be posted on our website. Please DO NOT arrive earlier, as you will be asked to circle in traffic! Traffic cannot queue up on Scout Access Rd or MLK Blvd before the lots open. Game times do change, even after game times have been posted. Check on game day to ensure an appropriate arrival time.

· Absolutely no overnight camping – your vehicle will be towed.

· DO NOT DRIVE OVER CURBS. Violators may be cited and lose their parking privileges.

· Follow directions when entering and exiting the lot.

· Game day parking is first-come / first-served only. You can not save a space for someone else that will be arriving later. If you wish to park next to someone, you will need to arrive together.


· Your Season Reserved parking pass hang tag must be displayed on the rear view mirror with your space number visible from the outside. VEHICLES WILL NOT BE ADMITTED WITHOUT A VALID PASS –NO EXCEPTIONS.

· Game day parkers must display the game day pass on their dash so that it is visible from the outside.

· Game day passes have no re-entry privileges.

· Your Season Reserved parking pass is valid for the entire season, so keep it in a safe place. A $50 fee may be charged for replacement passes. Any express mail or courier charges for sending replacement passes must be pre-paid by the parking patron.

· Parking passes may not be sold,  transferred or auctioned.


· Season Reserved parkers will be directed to their numbered spots. You must park in the space to which you are assigned or directed. EMERGENCY VEHICLE LANES MUST BE MAINTAINED AT ALL TIMES. Vehicles blocking an emergency lane or parked in the wrong
space will be towed.

· No spots may be “saved” for other vehicles: if you wish to be adjacent to other vehicles, please meet up off-site in advance with your party at a designated area and enter the parking lot together

· Due to the particulars of the parking lots, some areas have been designated as saved for certain vehicles due to space or other issues. The volunteer parking workers have full discretion to park your vehicle in the manner they deem appropriate. Please cooperate fully.


· Expect delays of one to two hours after games. Traffic flow is controlled by Eugene police. Vehicles may be prevented from exiting the parking lot between the fourth quarter of games and continuing up to 30 minutes after games due to pedestrian traffic. Please observe all parking lot personnel directions and cooperate with this delay.

· DO NOT DRIVE OVER CURBS OR OVER ANY LANDSCAPED AREAS. Violators may be cited and will lose their parking privileges. Follow directions when entering and exiting the lot.

· Absolutely no overnight camping (except in permitted RV spaces) – your vehicle will be towed.


· Pavilion tents may be pitched when an additional space has been purchased.

· Canopy tent size must be limited to a maximum of 10’ x 10’.

· Tents and canopies must not extend into driving lanes or adjacent parking spaces within the parking lot (unless the adjacent space was purchased for this purpose). All tailgating  material including but not limited to, tents, canopies, tables, BBQ's, chairs, Satellite Dishes, TV's grills, etc must  not impede the flow of traffic, emergence personnel or adjacent parking spaces.
· No open flame devices are allowed inside tents and canopies.


· Using your parking space for any commercial use is prohibited.


· Due to fire safety concerns, disposal issues with hot coals and ashes, and requests from the property owners, NO CHARCOAL, WOOD (WOOD PELLET) OR OPEN FIRES ARE ALLOWED.

· Gas or propane grills or stoves may be used off the ground, on the back of an open pick-up truck or metal table. No open flame devices are allowed inside tents and canopies.


· Limit of 10 guests per space. Vehicles are allowed a maximum of 10 persons associated with one parking space. Parties exceeding this number and caterer-sponsored events are prohibited.

· Arrangements may be made to rent the front grass of the BSA lot for larger group tailgating options. Please Contact Us for details.


· There is no RV or oversize vehicle parking available on the BSA or DYS lot.

· Pursuant to our contract with Lane County, there are RV/oversize spaces available on the Lane County Mental Health and Lane County Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS) lots only.

· A RV Pass may be used with a single car. A car pass may not be used with oversized vehicles.


· Portable toilets are located in many locations throughout the lot. Please be aware that there will be lines at the restrooms during times of peak use. Please plan accordingly.

· Persons that choose to urinate in public will be immediately evicted from our parking lot for the season, with no refund.

· Portable toilets will be locked one hour after the game ends.


· Please lock your vehicle. Scouts BSA Troop 100, The Oregon Trail Council and Lane County, are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lock valuables in the trunk or take them with you.

· Please use caution when walking from the parking areas to the stadium or game-related activities.

· Children should be accompanied by an adult.

· Lost and found - please Contact Us to inquire.

· Notify parking lot personnel immediately of any safety issues.


· Please pick up after yourself and your group! We have trash bags available if you need them, and we will provide them to you at no cost.